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The Chalk Art, Australian Monique Cannon was invented in 1990, to draw in black board using the colorful oil pastel, it is modern art full of very nice charm!

Is completely different from the chalk to write on the blackboard of the school (laughs)

Western In the are already familiar, since the color is very beautiful, mainly shop signs and menu board, and is used to nameplate, etc., in addition to interior board also, wedding board, baby board, pet portrait, various events (for example, : birthday, wedding anniversary, baby gifts, sixtieth birthday celebration, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Tanabata, Halloween, seven hundred fifty-three, Christmas, Buddhist prayer board, coming-of-age ceremony, Valentine's Day, White Day, admission, graduation gift), etc., etc., wide We can variously meet your needs!

Chalk Art right now, it's a very popular during the boil!


The shops and fashionable shops of fashion, and Chalk Art one is not an exaggeration to say that it is put. Of course, it is very nice, even decorate your house too ♪

Clean if decorated vivid board color is sure catching your eye by ^^

In addition, all Monique's commitment free hand! ! Characters all. Exactly what I'm anyone art of one-of-a-kind that can not be imitated.

I also fell in love with such Monique's technique, we have been engaged in the original Monique ^^

One and only there is only one in the world, full of originality Art.

Why don't you take all means to hand the handmade chalk art draw cordially? ?




May's Profile


1982.10.09  Libra   tentatively A type

Born in Yokohama,  Saitama grew up


Snowboarding, listening to music, travel, etc.,


Cool to the seen often, but actually unfussy


Curious, optimism, roots serious, care longer


A little shy, the morning weak


WOWOW character design prize

87th Nika Exhibition Design Division winners


Monique Chalk Art Association certified instructor

Driver's license

Calligraphy five stages





From a small time, it has drawn a picture if they have paper and pencil, and was aiming the cartoonist. Others, attending painting classes, watercolor and oil painting also experience.

After that, it will proceed to Tokyo Design Academy Illustration Department.

After graduating, assistant such as graphic designers, apparel goods designer, planning sales and production management, general office and accounting such as wide-ranging experience.

To know the existence of the Chalk Art when I was a 30-year-old, turning point visit.

And I decided to study abroad was a long-held dream, to study in Australia.

Learn directly to Monique, to complete a professional course, portrait course, the Silver teacher course in December 2014.





Australia is at the Gold Coast, Monique is a former teacher, Japan to two people of the teacher to be active by chance that it was able to meet you, is also fascinated by the chalk art, I was able to meet comrades that are toward the dream the thing is, was very valuable time to a stimulus for me.


Chalk Art for me, very irreplaceable things.Because, so, because it was something that was me again awaken the way of painting that once gave up ...!


I have met chalk art, and realized that it is again love painting, I was able to think strongly want to do my best to once again painting the road with chalk art.After returning home, I want to know a lot of people choke Art even a little!


From the feeling that, I started working in the axial Saitama Prefecture Kuki is a local.





Chalk Art, people who are interested even a little picture, is the art of the now large attention to captivate even at all people are not interested!

I think you are a nice sign-catching of the most first is a lovely shop? It actually is going to ... or was Chalk Art! !

Art to draw only the warmth of the finger. I do I do not need a tool to another. If even the finger.

And it draws while mixing blurred color at human body temperature. Do not you think it's nice?

If you draw a chalk art, warms also own mind ♪

So I, began its activities under the motto PEACE LOVE JOY! !

A lot of people to smile at my work, I sincerely hope and I want you to become a happy feeling!

Happiness full of chalk art, Why do not you come once, touch? ? I surely believe me fall in love with Chalk Art ☆











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