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1.Please let us know do not hesitate to request First! !


2.Along the request, we will propose the design ^^


3.We will check the design. At that time, we will come together even approximate production cost.


4.If you have any changes, to review the design again, we will be re-proposed.5.If there is no change, to confirm the production cost at this point, you pay.(Cancellation after the fee payment, since the refund can not be absolutely, Please note)6.Once we get in a transfer check, we will go into production!7.Once you have completed, it is subjected to a special spray processing, quickly we will send you to your original.(Since it is a pre-spray process, it is not therefore that disappear a picture at all, do not worry. However, since it hurt when you stroke, etc., ^^ Please gently handling)^^)








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